URANUS IN TAURUS, Let Go For Your Life, May 15, 2018


I’ve been looking at this reading I did for you guys since Tuesday for the new moon/Uranus Enters Taurus Transit and I won’t even lie, the energy was hard.
I don’t even want to write it up.  Rather than discourage I’ve changed things up and have looked toward overcoming the energy of this Uranus transit.

Those of you who I read for regularly know that one of the things I do in my readings as a general practice when hard aspects arise is to determine the route the universe would have us overcome these hurdles. The whole thing about the energy readings is that they aren’t supposed to discuss your details. They don’t address specific situations, although they can and often do. They’re meant to make us aware of the energies the universe is presenting so that we can used those forces to ride the energetic waves foward rather than oppose them and swim up that perverbial energetic stream


This uranian transit energy is where this type of guidance becomes in so important.

As you may already understand Uranus is the ruler of change and innovation. In Taurus, he brings major upheaval and forced change to areas of our lives that need, crave and rely on stability. This will vary depending on the individual placement of Taurus in each chart but the area of our lives where the sign of the bull falls will be an area where we work to achieve comfort, growth and stability.
As Uranus enters the home of the bull he brings innovation and restructuring to these areas where we’ve become comfortable, accepting a substandard status quo for far too long. He addresses where things no longer work or could thrive more efficiently and dismantles them at the core.
Frightening as this can be we must remember that he only brings to our attention that these universal truths requiring acknowledgment must be addressed. The universe does not enter our world and create havok just to leave us high and dry. It WILL priblvide a solution. We just need to be alert and open to the messages brought by the EAGLE and have the courage to follow his lead.

If you follow my weekly energy readings and have become accustomed to the cards in the deck I most often use in these rradings you may be familiar with some of what I speak.
Recently we experienced the Tsunami, the Wake Up Call. The warning of abrupt changes demanding attention. These changes create a Volcano, the Volitility situation where the demolition of current circumstances creates firtile ground on which to rebuild.
It’s no coincidence we’re observing this eruption of Mount Kilauea. Volcanic activity, earthquakes and major geographical alterations of any kind is a showing of Uranian transit energy.
If you’ve been following the astrological community you’ve likely already heard the correlation made between his last transit into Aries the day of the Fukushima Tradgedy where an earthquake created a tidal wave that devastated several of Japan’s nuclear reactors causing major meltdown and toxification of the Pacific Ocean. Almost a decade later these reactors are still melting down, a further example of how these changes are not swift and fleeting. They take long term effect enacting major change and new ways of existing. Most however, thankfully not in such a devastating manor on a micro scale.

This is what we get here as the TREE burries it’s roots deep. Every situation is going to be difftent as this Taurus transit plays out. This is a process that allows for karmic growth. Most important is to remain grounded through this time. Hasty decisions and actions based on whims or temporary emotions will only create further instability. Foresight, firm judgment and direction are needed.
As we ground our energies and allow for flexibility through the uranian storm the branches of our tree weather and sustain.
Think of the mighty oak and the whispy willow. Though the oak be tall and strong, it’s rigid nature causes it for break and fall in the winds of change but the willow with its vast roots, delicate and swaying, bends in the wind and remains in place and complete as the clouds begin to clear.
It is time to dig down your roots so you may sway in the storm. As the winds blow and the rains pummel the earth purging the energetic clutter that has become increasingly toxic over time we must allow these this to be lost. By holding on to the old ways we risk loosing those limbs in which we hold so tightly with.
When the clouds begin to clear and the sun once again shines, THE SHAMAN brings a simpler path to universal abundance, growth and contentment. Healing the loss and allowing us to grow unhindered.

I keep all of you in my prayers as this difficult time comes to pass.
May it be kind to you all.

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