The transit of Saturn in Capricorn

The transit of Saturn into Capricorn, as it’s transit into any sign, heralds great change and mastery in the area of our lives in which the sign falls within our individual birth chart. It’s slow moving rotation of 28-29 years means it spends approximately two and a half to three years in each sign of the zodiac imparting it’s wisdom and teaching needed lessons of maturity in that area of our lives.
Effecting each one of us differently it comes to shed light on the areas in which we are glad to neglect and the lessons we’ve been putting off learning. It forces us to do the work needed to sort through the energetic muck we have allowed to accumulate in a particular area of our life in order to grow and achieve.

It’s progress is a slow and steady progress, taking full advantage of the long period of time it has available in each sign of the zodiac.  Because it’s stay is a long and enduring one the challenges and lessons it makes are not simple ones.  They are the trying lessons one can only learn in the presence of long term circumstance.

The energies Saturn will be presenting to you will have major effect over the next few years of your life and will set you up for your next period of growth.

Are you ready for the trials it will bring?

Due to the upheaval it often unleashes as its harsh lessons are dealt, it’s transit in a given sign can be difficult.  Being armed with knowledge and insight can allow you to be prepared for the trials ahead. This is why I’ve created a Transit of Saturn in Capricorn Outlook Reading. Designed to consider each individual birth chart and the aspects included within it.

The begining of January 2018 is full of amazing aspects that will propel us foward into the year so be prepared and ready to manifest and your greatest desires and make easy work of the lessons Saturn in Capricorn has waiting for you.

Your reading can be done live or as a written emailed reading you can download and keep to review as the transit continues into 2020 and includes an overview of your personal placements and how the transit effects your chart as an individual as well as an expanded look at the tarot exploring the details surrounding your own personal Saturnal journey through Capricorn.

Comment below if you are ready to take on the challenges that away you with insight and ambition.

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