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As the ground has now finally thawed and nature slowly begins to come back to life the promise of longer days and the warmth of our beautiful sun holds a sense of hope and anticipation of all that could be.
While farmers sow their seeds and and new generations of offspring join the earth the year to come becomes the universal focus. Enthusiasm flows freely as we set our intentions and formulate our plans. Visions of best case scenarios of ultimate abundance excite out imaginations and drive us forward with gusto.
It’s easy to get wrapped up in ideas of what could be this time of year before inevitable realities set in and sometimes force us to reevaluate our paths. It’s that fresh energy that nourishes the seeds of our imaginations and allows them to germinate and form the strong root system needed to weather the hurdles that will inevitably been thrown our way as the season wears on.
It’s important now to do the work needed to shape and form those roots as not all things are forseen and part of manifesting success is being prepared for all possibilities that may come. Just because we envision a certain path does not mean the universe has that same plan and in order to navigate those waters we must remain open to alternate routes to achieving our success.
With all the enthusiasm, anticipation, excitement, and relief that winter is finally over it’s all too easy to get caught up in our direction and a little too wrapped up in our heads. With persistence and determination we have the energies available to us to achieve. However that which we forsee for ourselves is not always what the universe intends. We are warned not to get so caught up in our visions for when we focus too narrowly we begin to miss alternative outcomes or more direct routes to our ends. As this is in fact a great time to create and bring new energy into our life the strongest energy exists to grow upon the roots we’ve already put down.
Family, friends, memories and building on the foundations we’ve already set are paramount in our growth at this time. It’s these networks where we find support in our new ventures and growth stems through the love and unity within them as through this personal growth we also strengthen the bonds between us and those within our circle.
As with any new period, spring time being no different and maybe even more important as we are now coming out of our winter slumber it’s important to cleanse and purify. Our minds, our bodies and our hearts. It is time to reset our energies and leave the toxic thoughts and attitudes that build up in the winter blahs behind. We have entered a new day. It is now time to prepare to vibrate at our highest potential.


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