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Soulscape Readings
What is a Soulscape Reading?

To some a reading may be just a bit of entertainment, that’s great, some readings are. When I read at an event or do on location spots I love that folks come out for a fun, short reading and hopefully gain some insight or direction with their experience. It’s a great way to be active in my community and meet all kinds of wonderful people. It is often how I meet the select few in true need of my help which may be provided that day or over time as an ongoing client.

While I read on a wide variety of topics such as love, money, relationships, career, family, children, pets or whatever is needed, I feel my greatest duty is to our own personal & spiritual growth & guidance providing inspiration and encouraging creativity in order to assist each and every person I sit with to embrace their own true authentic path finding their highest vibration and the ability to manifest the life they desire.

When you book a private live reading, be it in person, by phone or via video chat, you open yourself up to a full spectrum session. We may only throw one layout and discuss it at length or there may be several. We may use several modalities or there may just be one. Most of my readings do typically incorporate the use of the tarot, oracle and astrology but are not limited to such. Use of such tools are on an as needed basis as to what I am called to use by Spirit.

Whatever the reading calls for is provided.

When you book for an hour the likelihood is that we will sit quite a bit longer. I do not charge extra for that time as my goal is for you to leave my table with a new perspective and ready to take on the challenges in front of and within you.

Things to consider when booking a reading

Are you prepared to receive Spirits message for you?
A reading is very personal and will reflect our deepest truths. When receiving a reading one must be prepared to be completely open to the universe and honest with their own heart regardless of the discomfort or pain it brings to the surface. Recognizing these feelings and accepting our own ugly truth is often the only path to overcoming these blockages in our lives.

Are you able to accept responsibility for the life you’ve created?
Are you prepared to put ego aside and embrace the universal truths creating the blockages that stand before you? Are you able to acknowledge the responsibilities you carry and the role you have played in your life? Many times the difficult circumstances we face are a result of our own actions. We find ourselves stuck in these toxic patterns due to our inability to accept responsibility and change the patterns of behavior that have put us in these positions.

Are you prepared to take the necessary steps and make needed changes to achieve the path you desire?
Change can be frightening and he unknown even more so. A reading cannot make changes for you. It is not a cure all or even a band aid. It is a message, a tool of guidance. You must be prepared to take the steps and do the work need to make the effective change you seek.

The Realities of a Reading

Fate vs. Free Will
Many people confuse a tarot reader with a fortune teller. I am not a fortune teller. I will not tell you how many children you will have or when your dream home will come to you. I am a spiritual counselor, holistic tarot reader and reiki practitioner. I specialize in aiding others in achieving understanding, enlightenment and contentment. Readings and sessions are simply modalities used in that process. It’s important to remember in this that energy is changeable.

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only changed”
-Albert Einstein

No outcome is ever set in stone and it is up to you to embrace the flow around your or to take action to change the energies effecting your life.
Please note: I am not a doctor, lawyer, psychiatrist or miracle worker. Readings and services are not intended to be used in place of medical treatment, legal advice or any other professional service. If you are experiencing an issue that requires professional attention please seek it though the proper avenues.

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