Due to Covid limited services are available at the Orwigsburg location only. Distance and virtual sessions are encouraged when possible. Safety measures have been put in place for in person sessions. Please see the COVID notice for more information on how this situation is being managed.


Tarot/Astrology/Intuitive Readings

Personalized Private Readings

Personalized private readings are customized to the needs of each client/session and typically combine a variation of tarot, oracle, astrology and channeled messages as well as use of other modalities when appropriate. Readings are generally booked for 2 hours but may run longer at no additional fee. Readings can be held in person, via video chat or over the phone. *Mini readings are available upon request but are subject to time limitations. 

$120/ 2+ hour session (most popular)

*Mini Readings are available by request

Reiki Services

Crystal Chakra Alignments

Crystal chakra alignments combine the healing power of reiki with the intense energy of sound frequency and crystals to align the chakras and create a healthy energy flow throughout the body. When the chakras are aligned and the flow of chi is unrestricted the body is at its maximum healing potential. Being in alignment boosts the metabolism and immune system and allows you to naturally resist anxiety and depression, provides mental clarity as well as feelings of being grounded, stable, relaxed and empowered. This multi-sensory healing experience  will leave you feeling refreshed, revitalized and rejuvenated.

$50/30 min session

Reiki Healing Sessions

Usui reiki is the Japanese practice of channeling the universal life force energy through the laying on of hands. By directing the life force energy, or chi, we can direct healing and rejuvenation to areas of the mind, body or spirit in need of balance. This can be done alone or in combination with many other modalities.  Achieve balance, healing, and peace of mind. If you have questions or concerns regarding whether reiki can help you achieve the results you seek please message me to set up a free consultation.

$80/60 min session

Reiki Guided Meditaiton

Reiki guided meditations provide a sacred space for exploration of the subconscious. Do you have difficulty finding focus during meditation? Do “monkey mind” distractions keep you from experiencing a deeper connection? Do you have particular issues or concerns you wish to explore through meditation? Do you seek answers and divine wisdom? Reiki guided meditation combines the power of reiki with neurolinguistic techniques to assist in all these matters to create a strong energetic connection and achieve the experience you seek.

$60/ 45 Min session

Reiki Attunement Workshops Level I & II

Reiki level I & Level II attunements are held separately and include full instruction and demonstration of the appropriate methods, techniques and principals as well as use of symbols and additional application.  Attunements can be held privately but are recommended done within a small group setting for optimal experience. Level I will cover the history & origin of reiki, conducting self reiki and the reiki principals. Reiki II will cover reiki on others and use of the first 3 reiki symbols.  Both classes will include printed manuals with personalized certificate as well as additional useful information. 

$100 per person

Reiki Master Teacher  Workshop & Attunement

This level III aaster attunement passes along the Master symbols as well as instruction on use and purpose. You will learn how to incorporate these and other symbols into your reiki practice as well as helpful additions that can enhance your reiki sessions. You will receive the full level I, II & III reiki manual at this timee and learn the ceremonial steps to performing your level I, II & III reiki attunements and will be presented with your level III Master Teacher Certificate.  These sessions are held privately as we celebrate this sacred passage from student to teacher.

$125 per student

Frequency Therapies

Harmonic Soundbath Meditation

Immerse yourself in the blissful vibration of the singing bowls, bells and chimes as you’re guided into a deeply relaxing multi-sensory meditation. Feel the drum connect you with the heartbeat of mother earth. Allow your mind, body and spirit to be nurtured by the penetrating vibrations of these divinely inspired instruments as they align your crystalline body with perfect divine structure. Feel refreshed, rejuvenated, centered and in harmony with the universe.

$60/45 min session

Planetary Frequency Attunements

Planetary frequency attunements use the frequency of the planets to align the physical and astral body to the energies of the solar system. Planetary attunements put you in touch with the universe and enhance free flowing energies as well as align hindered energies present in the current universal dynamic or aspects held within your personal natal chart. Heal and transmute negative karma, nurture weakened aspects of the identity and align yourself with the current aspects of the universe for optimal productivity, success and growth.

$80/ 60 minute session

Infrared Frequency Therapy

Infrared frequency therapy duplicates the healing power of the sun with infrared crystal technology that stimulates the cells of the body on a molecular level providing a vast array of healing effects. Used in combination with binaural beats and solfeggio intonation, this becomes a full frequency stimulation for the body. For a full list of healing benefits infrared therapy offers please follow the link below.

$80/60 min session


Chromotherapy introduces the use of color light technology which penetrates deep into the cells of the body to align the frequency of the physical cells as well as the energetic biofield.  A fully immersive frequency experience, these sessions combine the use of chromotherapy, infrared technology, sound frequency therapy and crystal reiki healing.

$120/ 60 minute session 


Healing Hypnosis

Healing hypnosis addresses problematic behaviors and belief systems that have unhealthy and even toxic effects in daily life. By addressing the roots of these behaviors and beliefs on a subconscious level we can break the bonds they have on our day to day existence.  Address things such as smoking, over eating, substance abuse, gambling, pain and much more

$80/ 60 min session

Quantum Hypnosis & Past Life Regression

Quantum hypnosis and past life regression explores the subconscious on a deep and intimate level. Discover past, present and parallel lives, understand karmic connections, connect with your higher self, meet your guides, call in ancestors and angelic messengers and much more. These are full day sessions and must be booked a minimum of 7 days in advance. Please follow the link below for further information on the unlimited healing benefits of Quantum Hypnosis.