LET IT HAPPEN, May 21, 2018

As we go into this week we enter the sign of Gemini. A curious sign full of inquisitive playful energy. The universe is giving us the opportunity for a factory reset of sorts. INNOCENCE is about stripping away the energetic baggage we’ve accumulated over our lifetimes.  As the years go by and we gather our scars our view of the world easily becomes tinted by the past.
Here we are being called to look at the world around us fresh, as with a child’s eyes. Allowing wonder & curiosity, abundance & contentment to enter our lives without greeting it with a toxic dose of skepticism. 
When we open our flow and can accept the gifts the universe offers she flows to us EFFORTLESSLY. This is a time of divine gifts, a path that is truly ours and being presented in a neatly wrapped package for us to open and adore.

If you’ve done whats been asked these last few months and released what has needed to be let go of, what may seem too good to be true is poised to drop at your feet. Though it may seem to take you in a direction you had not previously considered THE EBB & FLOW creates a current swiftly transporting you to the right place at the right time to claim our rewards.
GAIA NURTURES is now through this time as we in turn nurture ourselves and each other. This is a harmonious week so take advantage of its energy and take a clear look at where you are, where you’d like to be and where you’re being called. The universe has its arm around you now, allow it to lead you.
Amy D.


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