Today in the US we experience the beginning of our great gas giant Jupiter in its retrograde period. The planet of gifts and growth, ever expanding and showering us with blessings and opportunities begins to reign in his abundant energies as he forces us to take a closer look at out behaviors and activities and recognize areas of indulgence and learn to utilize our resources a bit more wisely.

We will all experience this retrograde diffrently. Some of us finding Jupiter in our houses of home, comfort and career may find our funds are restricted forcing us to tighten our belts for a time in order to stick this out. Unemployment, decrease in hours, or difficulty in collection may be something you’ll experience over this time. For those with this retrograde falling into houses of charity and assistance may discover benefits or social programs they’ve come to rely on are being downsized or cut.
When jupiter falls into your house of health and image we look at a decrease of unhealthy habits resulting in an overall benefit to our health. Cutting out junk foods and making more nutritious choices can be easier now and will have positive results.
When he’s residing in houses pertaining to love, relationships and family you may feel a temporary withdrawal of emotions during this time as he holds the heart close.
A reevaluation of relationships may be at hand and you may find yourself retreating from that long standing partnership that hasn’t quite been working for some time or finally putting to rest the separation that’s be an ongoing thorn in your side.

As Jupiter navigates through our lives stripping away things we have grown accustomed to and reliant on he does so not with malicious intent but as an instrument of purification. He purges us of that which we will not purge ourselves. Though this can be painful as Jupiter in Scorpio can herald particularly tumultuous energy, it is necessary. The universe has a plan and all is done within its time.
Jupiter’s retrograde grants us the opportunity to search within and without to find the personal resources we have forgotten and think creatively regarding our challenges. Those solutions and resources we rediscover will no doubt become a blessing when this retrograde is finally behind us.

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