FULL MOON FALLOUT, April 30, 2018

Keep Faith

As the tides have continued to turn through this long and difficult period we’ve been living in we continue to evaluate the paths we’ve choosen. All of us at different phases of the process yet all of us taking that hard look at decisions we’ve made and the outcome they’ve had. Though we have all been called to make our own sacrifices, those of us who have taken the leap of faith and stepped out of the realm of what we have know into new and uncharted territory have begun to reap the first taste of rewards though the energy has been present to transform what we thought we were signing up for into another thing all together. If you’re one of the brave ones you’ve already come to see this.
This has left many of us coming into the end of April questioning if we’ve made the right choices or if the path we’ve inadvertently ended up on is truly aligned with our highest potential and authenticity. The full moon in Scorpio brings us to question our deepest needs. Recognize our most intimate desires and face our darkest truths. The need to come face to face with the beast within that binds us to the stagnate place where we have become familiar and secure with a subpar status quo can no longer be denied for this is not a place in which we can live forever.
Settling for mere scraps of what we want, need and deserve, resolving ourselves to a unfulfilling existence and accepting the limitations we set upon ourselves has been glaring us in the face for some time and has finally led many of us to a place of SOLITUDE where we come to confront this inner beast.
He is ugly and has been feeding on our insecurities for far too long. With the conjunction of Mars and Pluto we are now ready to take action. The need yo take control in order to facilitate the change that is required so that we can continue to pursue our own authenticuty is strongly felt and Mars gives us that nudge of confidence to take that leap and go for the gold as the moon then enters Sagittarius. This may leave us felling “some sorta way” about our current social position while it opposes Venus in social Gemini. How habe we been being seen lately as the tides have wreaked their havok? Have we been neglecting the world around us as we have been so focused on the path we’ve been recently traveling? How has our social standing suffered as this change has all unfolded?
This difficult aspect of our emotional moon gets further upheaval as it also comes it aspect with Neptune. King of the sea, our emotions, and sudden drastic change. Your WAKE UP CALL has arrived as you acknowledge that the monster you’ve been tied to and staring down is the anchor that drowns you as this wave comes rushing in but in true universal fashion God has thrown us a life preserver. As Uranus creates a harmonious aspect to our currently volatile moon he provides guidance, direction and comfort toward the end of the week.

It’s important to recognize that though we stand feeling very alone as this inner battle of truths ensues at the beginning of the week the light that shines on us guides us and provides messages in miraculous forms.
The lonely tree blooms in the darkness as it feeds off the minimal light it is blessed with. It has weathered the storm and though the waters are still murky and dark they become still. The storm is a fleeting one. The tsunami comes on fast and strong forcing upheaval and the drastic change of direction we’ve been resisting. Guided by the moon, the wind and the waves create havoc in our thoughts and emotions but the sun the rises with the brink of Dawn, illuminating the flourishing hills and peaceful waters of contentment as the clouds begin to clear. We are then able to travel the serene waters of the blessed River in harmony, navigating our obstacles smoothly and taking in the lush scenery along the way. It’s important to note that within the Island, Dawn and the River that the sun is not present though it’s rays are and their comfort and guidance can be felt. The illumination and understanding the sun brings is not yet available to us but it’s rays guide us during this tumultuous time. Faith is needed that the sun is in fact rising and burning off the clouds that obscure the understanding that will soon come.
Remember as the week proceeds, though we experience intense emotions over these drastic changes they are set to ultimately bring peace and harmony to the inner truths we seek. Faith is key this week as God brings us through.

By Amy D.

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