As the seasons are changing and ushering in a new wave of energy, perspectives and directions change along with them. The Harvest Moon signifies a time of bounty before the darkness of winter. A time of preparation and planning. Although the planet is now winding down and soon will enter her time of slumber Grandfather Sky tells us that in this time the universe puts into place unparalleled opportunity for expansion. The ancestors and spirit realm are guiding our world toward a universal growth as well as ushering us each into a time of personal progress.
The Spirit of the North whispers to us through the winds reminding us that now is the time to fix, finish and release the things that bog us down as they become anchors when it is time for us to move foward. Though we may not see with our own eyes the magic that happens deep within our earth the Spirit of Water urges is to have faith through the doubt. It’s important to remember that when feel our intuitions may be off we must trust that the universe and our spirit guides are clearing the way for us and assisting us into a place of opportunity when the Spirit of the East brings her first dawn of spring.
This is a time of clearing away debris and cutting cords. Laying foundations and doing the groundwork so we have a solid footing when it’s time to leap.

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