But I don’t really need a reading. Evenythings good!

Great! Everything’s going good!

     Readings aren’t always for times of turmoil. When were in a good space we often neglect the bigger picture because everything seems fine and answers to our questions are readily available.  It’s nice to have a reprieve sometimes after a period of upheaval or struggle. It’s important though not to become stagnate in this time as it is easy to get into a pleasant groove that always seems to come and go far too quickly.

     It’s in these times when a reading can be of most benefit. While in a period of stability, growth and clarity we hold our greatest ability to manifest and enact the changes we want to see, make strides in areas we’ve been nurturing and heal inner issues that have haunted us for long periods of time. Often times the rest after a struggle is well needed but after a period of time riding out the upswing will loose its momentum and continuing that direction takes newfound effort. There’s nothing wrong with regrouping and enjoying the overcoming of our hurdles and celebrating our successes but if it comes to pass that we begin neglecting opportunities to use that momentum for further growth and development we waste precious energy the universe has blessed us with.
     It’s important to recognize these times when we can make the greatest progress and use them to the best the universe intends.


Questions to ask yourself when experiencing times of blessing:

Am I truly in the moment and enjoying the growth I’ve attained?

Have I learned every lesson the universe has intended?

Am I using all the tools the universe has given me to make the most of this time?

Is there anything I’m missing that could provide me greater personal abundance from this time?

Am I clear in my direction or am I simply riding a wave?


     The list could go on. There are so many ways to use a time of blessing to our greatest purpose and it’s just sensible to utalize all the tools available to make our journey to success as painless and abundant as possible. This is where regular readings, general energy readings and in depth reads become important. They keep us on track and keep our greatest goals and intentions clear.
     There’s no need to think of a reading just for times of struggle. The cards, like the universe, are our friends and are here to be tools of understanding and growth in all seasons.

~Amy D.


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