Big Planet Retrograde

April 29, 2019

Today our big malific, Saturn, goes retrograde, a state in which it will remain through a significant part of the summer. Big Daddy No as I like to call him as he, by nature, is the austere force that makes the rules and enforces their abidance. In retrograde, he lays his law down and demands above and beyond. As if that weren’t bad enough, in his retrograde motion tomorrow, he swings back around past the south node forcing a hard look at that karmic bag of shit we carry. Fun right?

Saturn in general requires strict attention to detail in the quest for perfection and success. When he goes retro we quickly feel his frustration in areas where we have been less that diligent and responsible.  Fortunate to have this energy though because it points out areas in which the foundations that have been laid are faulty, underdeveloped and laden with issues that will be certain to cause problems down the line. Although he may not make his presence known in the most diplomatic of ways while in retrograde, he does provide the opportunity to reorder these things and create a more solid foundation on which to build.

When we take into consideration the present state of retrogrades in our solar system at the moment having had both Jupiter and Pluto enter retrograde earlier this month,  it’s more likely a blessing in disguise to have father figure looking out for us even if he is making the road more difficult and way less fun.

Pluto, the planet of death and transformation, has been working here as well at the south node. Helping us to not only transmute the karmic baggage of the past but he us aiding us in discovery of that north node destiny and direction. He is the guiding force thay brings us to realize our own authenticity and individual paths. He puts things to rest that need to be released and ushers us over the dark river of Styx to be reborn on the other side. In retrograde near that south node this journey simply a slow one filled with introspective and soul searching lessons.

That south node though. It’s been a tough spot for many of us. It’s not like we’re not, and haven’t been, already feeling it….. FOREVER. Monday’s moon conjunct the SN so the thoughts and the feels are already in place. Saturn just joins them on Tuesday to force us to examine even closer and take some steps to correct the issues. Difficult as it seemd it shouldn’t be too horrible. Mercury sextile Mars the same time so progress, action and insights should come easily. Just watch your words and be conscious to speak and act kindly add this can also be a volital mix for some.

Let’s talk more about Saturn. He’s been sitting here swinging around by this south node for a while now and all of us are feeling the frustrations that come along with that. Taking place in Capricorn makes for such an extra “delightful” time being the primordial nature of that beast is of work, rules and structure. No room for fun and games here. It’s time to clean up our messes once and for all. The universe is preparing to take a massive leaped forward over the next few years and this is all stuff that needs to go in order to ride that ride. This summer is your last chance to board that train. The risk of not getting on when it rolls by, obsolescence.

Those of us who resist the changes and refuse to clean up now will find themselves missing that last ride out and becoming stuck in karmic wasteland like those dried up old ghost towns after every gold mine has been exhausted. Stuck, lost and without resources and opportunities needed to move along.

Just imagine how hard it will be then! Better to do the work now when the universe has your back.

Hard, I know. Especially when we’ve been in this tiring mode for so long and we’re about done with the same old story line. Keep it up though, most of us are making the progress. If you don’t see the changes,  look harder, in deeper. The effort us within you and it’s you that holds the key.

Now, I know this all doesn’t sound real good and doing extra work and following difficult rules is about as fun as a root canal but I promise you. The reward is out there. 

Jupiter in its home sign of Sagittarius is amplified right now and even though it’s in retrograde too it does not hold back it’s blessings. He just makes us work harder for them and in Divine style, this retrograde too, is a blessing in disguise. He takes this time to align himself perfectly in preperation for that great leap ahead in 2020. Everything now and everything to come has been designed by the divine to put us in place and prime us for the great transformation to come.

Ride that tide!

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