April 16, weekly universal

Ancestral Wisdom

This week we’re looking heavily to the wisdom of the past for guidance & inspiration.  Seeking the wisdom from those who came before us (the LEGENDS) to shed light on the things that elude us and the paths we tread to illuminate the unseen guide posts along the way and show us those secret life hacks that propel us foward. As we see turbulent waters effecting us this week we are urged to GO WITH THE FLOW as resistance will only cause a more difficult struggle and we’re looking as circumstances that aren’t going anywhere. This week adaptation will be necessary.
With the distractions many of us will be experiencing this week make sure to take the time needed to tend to those you love (SENSUALITY) as some may be feeling a bit unrecognized or neglected. Be certain to take the same care of yourself as well to ensure the best you possible to deal with the conflicts at hand.
With all if this take comfort, as with all things, this too shall pass (MOVING FOWARD) and new cycles will replace these current ones.  This week don’t get carried away within your own head and just do your best to remain grounded, centered and focused.

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