Divine Inspiration

There comes a time in life when the every day mundane is no longer fulfilling, our earthly accomplishments no longer satisfying. A time when we are in need of more, in need of bigger…
in need of a challenge.
Only then do we realize our greatest potential.

Divine Soulscapes was born as a collective avenue for my spiritual path. A home for all that I hold dear and a pathway of my evolution. Here you will find my musings, my thoughts & ponderings, my creations, my readings and whatever else I find that may intrigue me.
As time goes on I’m sure this page will twist and turn along with the tides and grow into a whole new entity all its own,
just as Spirit intends.

Where It Started

I grew up in the wonderful city of brotherly love. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was my home until about the age of 20 when I left the hustle and the bustle of the city to raise my family in a simpler life in the countryside of Pennsylvania.  My spiritual journey however, starts long before that.


     When most folks say they grew up in the church many mean they grew up going to Sunday services and maybe some other activities throughout the week. I on the other hand, was fortunate enough to attend an accelerated private school where I spent my earlier years receiving a very solid education. My school being located within the walls of my church meant I spent six of my seven days a week in this building inundated with the teachings of the church. Though I look back thankful of the education I received, I became very clear at a young age that there was far more to the world of spirituality than met the eye. The sad truth that claiming to be one thing on the surface did not guarantee a clean soul within. It was this double standard I was raised among that lead me at a very young age to question the church and begin my search for truth in spirituality and a genuine connection to God and the universe around me.

     By the age of 10 I had immersed myself in the study of religion, philosophy, esoteric wisdom and the quest for enlightenment. Though these things may seem strange for a child so young this was where I was drawn. Spending my nights and weekends nose deep in books and infuriating the establishment of my learning institution with questions they were not prepared to answer.

It was the summer of 1995 on a family trip that I received my very first tarot deck. I was 13 years old and my recent studies of the occult, manifestation and other worldly connections had my senses on high.  I had no idea then that it would become the staple it has in my life. Deck by deck, book by book I sought out all I could in order to learn the secrets they held. From the cards came the numbers, from the numbers, the stars and so on.

It was here that a new path was born.

     With the melding of spirit and science I was able to embrace the intangible in a new way that resonated within my soul deeply, allowing me connection to true poser of source and thus changing my life forever.  By opening myself to the world around me new possibilities have sprung forth. The learning and growing has taken on a new momentum beyond any I had ever anticipated and I’m glad to share it with all of you.