6 Reasons to get a Retrograde Reading

6 Reasons You Need A Retrograde Reading

“Things have been so crazy lately! I JUST DON’T GET IT!”

Many of us have been feeling it. That certain something that’s just not quite right. Things seem a bit off, people seem a bit off, everything is just…. weird.

Our tendencies are to dismiss these strange times as stressful periods or with a “these things happen” kinda perspective. The truth is we are in strange times through the summer of 2018.
Murcury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto & Chiron have retrograde cycles at time point this season. Coupled with eclipse season in difficult aspects to already trying placements in our solar system create an melting pot of energies that can become overwhelming to those many of us. Especially as so many planets have or will conjunct our north node, influencing our karmic destinies.

When we have a clear view of how these aspects are effecting us and those around us we can begin to see the big picture and our place in it.

So why it is important to get yourself a retrograde reading?

1. We come into this retrograde period with an already trying aspect for many with Jupiter claiming it home in Scorpio. This alone has brought many of us to our knees as we explore the darker side of our psyche.
A reading provides a guiding light through the darkness and the understanding we need to navigate Pluto’s dimly lit pathways.

2. Saturn in Capricorn has made himself right at home and the tasks he’s given us should be seeing progress by now. If things seem awry and nothing is working out you can bet it’s Saturn’s way if telling us we need major reevaluation of our priorities.
By receiving a reading we can reaffirm the tasks Saturn has set forth for us and consider how we can better accomplish the growth he requires.

3. Chiaron in Aries is playing harder than usual. The Wounded Healer is bringing us to reinvent the part of ourselves that has been serioisly stricken and for those of us who have choosen to remain in the dark and not do the work the SaturnJupiter aspect requires are finding ourselves in maze of confusion.
A reading can bring this guidance to our inner healer and provide direction toward our peace.

4. Retrograde schmetrograde. It’s one thing to have the occasional planet in retrograde, maybe even 2 or 3 but 7?! This is genuinely unique and the energy it produces can be overwhelming, confusing, frustrating and highly discouraging for some.
A reading will help you to understand the structure of this retrograde which is imperative to using it to move foward and keep the discomfort to a minimum.

5. Retrogrades often bring past issues and people to the surface. If there are situations or people we haven’t dealt with you can rest assured they will arise during this time to add to the havok.
A reading can assist in healing old wounds and put them to rest once and for all.

6. Eclipse season. Not one. Not two. Three, yes 3 eclipses this summer in Cancer, the home of the heart, and Leo, the home of the ego. The struggle between our inner and outer worlds. As if eclipses aren’t difficult enough to deal as illusions blur the lines of reality. This season brings about a particular inner struggle for each of us.
A reading will illuminate those illusions and she’d light upon the truth and substance in matters.

No matter how you go about this summer remember this. You and only you have the power to control your path. When we lead the path we were meant to harmony will be found.

For your own Retrograde Reading contact: Amy@divinesoulscapes.com

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